Midlife Crisis

Each culture has its own set of expectations and ways of life.  In the United States, we have people strive to become doctors and lawyers and many who achieve this goal.  There are many of us who save up money over their lifetime and go on vacations to another state or even another country.  However, in other countries, there are different goals people try to achieve.  Someone in a third world country with different struggles than us may be trying to simply feed their family or own their own home.

But what happens when these lifelong goals, whatever they may be, aren’t met? At approximately age 40, some people begin to feel stressed and burdened by the fact that they have not done what they had hoped to in their life.  Despite different cultures, different expectations, different goals, this feeling and anxiety can be felt around the world.

Once the realities of life set in, it can be hard to get a chance to do much else than the roles you’ve already taken on as a parent, a wife, , a teacher, etc.  You have to have a good job or else you can’t pay the bills, you have to take care of your kids when you aren’t at work, you have to clean up after them and around the house.  These are all necessary in order to stay where we are at in life.  Often times, the idea that it won’t always be this way or that you’re one step closer to having the time and money for what you really want keeps people going.  It’s also about this time in life though, that people have a midlife crisis.

A girl I work with is dating a guy whose father is a psychiatrist.  About a year ago, he started skipping work with a coworker.  He began coming home late and even drunk sometimes.  One day his son came home from class and found his dad already incredibly drunk not even half way through the day.  He sat his son down and told him that he had put everything in his name, the house, cars everything. Then he handed him a stack of money and told him to take care of his mother.  This scared his wife and son terribly and he had to be put in a mental institution for two months.  They visited him every day and he eventually came back to who he was and is now doing incredibly well.  This is just one example; however, it shows that midlife crisis’ can happen to anyone and to any degree.

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