Social networks have been booming in the past several years. What started as online sites for people to interact and keep in touch with one another has now evolved into even more. Today, you see companies on social network sites trying to advertise their products and expand their brand through it. Companies will even use social networking sites to get a better understanding of you before they even hire you. New stuff is coming out each day on how social networks can be used.

There have been many social networks that have come and gone in recent years, but where one leaves off, another picks up the slack. The most recent one this happened to is MySpace.  MySpace, I would say, was more geared towards younger teens than adults. On there, people could find one another and become friends, add pictures for the public to see, play games, and pretty much tailor your page to your liking and for a short while it was big.

Then Facebook came and just keeps growing and growing.  There was even a movie recently showing how it got started. It kind of replaced MySpace even though it’s  basically the same thing except for having complete control over your page and the way it looks.

And now of course there is Twitter, where we tweet (post) about things and follow other people so we can see what they’re tweeting about.  There is also Instagram, where you just post pictures so people can view them.

When you look at these websites you might think and say, “oh this is pretty cool I can be myself and say whatever and put up whatever,” but you have to be careful still because even though they have positive sides, there are still a lot of negative things that can come from it. A few pros that social networking brings is that allows us to spread information faster than any other type of media, law enforcement agencies use it to catch criminals and we can improve relationships with people and make friends around the world. Some of the cons are that, even though they process information quicker, that information can be misleading or false, they expose privacy, allow for company and government intrusion (be careful what you post) and there is a tendency for people to waste a lot of time on them. If you go to this website you can see more of the list as it goes on:

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