Everyone notices people around them watching.  When someone knows they are being watched they change the way they do things.  If a little girl sees a boy she likes looking at her, she will try to impress him in some way.  However she was doing the task will change by trying to be cute instead of getting what she needed to do done.

By definition, an experiment is an artificially created situation that allows a researcher to manipulate variables. Researchers carefully control the experimental context in order to measure the degree to which the independent variable causes the change in the dependent variable under study.  An experiment can be a survey or observational.  An observational experiment allows researchers to closely examine behaviors and communities.

The Hawthorne Effect is used by sociologists to describe the unintended influence that observers of experiments can have on their subjects.  When the group being watched notices this they will change the way they perform a certain duty or just change the way they live.

In my AP Statistics class we were given a task to think of an observational research project.  My partner and I picked to watch how many people ate pizza with their fingers and how many ate with a fork.  The results were amazing!  We picked this Cafeteriadiningroomsubject because I eat my pizza with a fork and my partner thought it was strange, so to see that so many other people ate with their fork was mind blowing.  But what was even more strange was the longer we watched the more people started to eat with their fork also.  I would have never guessed this would actually happen.


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