Multiple Identities

President_Barack_ObamaI believe that multiple identities were created around the same time of slavery. Slave masters often raped and had biracial children with some of their slaves. And those biracial children went on and had their own children, and the cycle just kept going. As the world started to become more modernized, people of different races began migrating, and in return new mixes of people were created. Hardly anyone now-a-days is one race; nearly 73 percent of the world’s population identifies as being two or more races.

I myself have had trouble figuring out what social identity I belong to. My mother is half Puerto Rican and half African American, she is six foot tall with light brown eyes and very pale skin. My father is half American Indian and half African American, he is also six foot tall with dark brown eyes and dark skin. Somehow I ended up being only five foot two inches, medium brown skin, big brown eyes, and black curly hair. Given my genetic makeup, it would seem as if I only come from African American decent. Often when people first meet me and see my mother I’m asked if I was adopted. Some people don’t realize the mysterious ways that genetics work.


One problem that people with multiple identities might encounter is figuring out where they belong. President Obama is half white and half black, but he identifies with the black community rather than the white one, even though he is the same amount of both races. I believe it has something to do with the one-drop theory. No matter how much “white” blood runs through your veins, if you are even one percent of a minority, you identify with that race.

— Victoria

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