Sexism In Our World Today

Sexism is an issue that has been around since the beginning of time. This is known as the ideology that claims one sex is superior to the other. It is more common that men see themselves superior to women. I read a few examples from a women’s blog called The Guardian, the first one is from a female soldier and it reads, “I had a fellow soldier say to me: “I don’t think women should be in the military but you’re a good soldier.”” This just shows how this man thinks only men are capable of defending their country. Another example I have is from a mathematician who stated that, “One day I found out that one of my colleagues would frequently check with a male colleague to verify whether what I had just said (about university regulations or department politics or whatever) was true. He never does this to any of our male colleagues (at the time I was the only woman here). This is the same guy who was on a hiring committee with me. When we received a letter of recommendation praising a female candidate, he told me “The writer obviously only wanted to promote women.”” By stating that, the man is pretty much saying that a woman wouldn’t ever get that kind of recognition on her own she had to be helped by someone who only wanted to promote women.

The concept of sexism can also be related to feminism, the glass ceiling concept, and gender pay gap. Feminism is the belief in social, economic, and political equality for women. It’s always joked about that women belong in the kitchen or that women were made to make babies and please their husband and men were made to work and provide for the family. Today people are starting 1to fight against this treatment of women and it is slowly starting to change, but probably women will never be thought to be equal to men because you can’t change the way everyone thinks. The concept of glass ceiling is basically an invisible barrier that blocks the promotion of a qualified individual in a work environment because of the individual’s gender, race, or ethnicity. An example of this is a man entering the teaching world and getting promoted to principal or superintendant after a short period of time when a woman could be doing the same job for many more years and she never gets promoted to a higher position. Lastly, the gender pay gap is related to sexism because it is the difference between the amount of money paid to women and men, often for the same work. Today, equal pay for women is still getting voted against. Even though women come to work the same amount of time as a man with the same job as her and she does the same amount of work as he does she still might get paid a few dollars less an hour than he does.

The issue of sexism causes many problems in society. It makes women feel inferior or even scared sometimes to be in public or in the work place because they are always the butt of a sexist joke. Also, women can go to work and bust their butt just to get paid less than the man in the cubicle next to her. Another problem is young girls are being taught that they need a man to take care of them and that they can’t do the same work as a man can. Sometimes it is often found that women who are successful and take charge are called a bitch or not well-liked and when a man does the same thing he is looked up to and considered powerful. Some solutions could be that women need to educate their children both boys and girls that everyone is created equal and that women can do just as much quality work as a man can. Also girls need to be taught to pursue their dreams and goals. A law for equal pay also needs to be passed in the near future.

To end this discussion I am going to tell a story that is short yet definitely passes the “so what” test.  My mother recently bought a house that needs every room in it redone completely. She has done all of the carpentry work on her own with a little help from my brother and I. As you can imagine she makes many trips to Home Depot, Menards, and Lowe’s. One time she needed to get things for the electrical work in the kitchen so she went to Home Depot to get what she needed. When she reached the correct lane she was approached by a male sales associate and he asked her “who are you buying this for anyway”. She said she couldn’t believe he approached her and said that. Not only that time but another time my mom was in the store the same associate approached her again and said “what are you looking for because certainly you’re not shopping for yourself.” Things like that are just unnecessary and make her not even want to shop at Home Depot anymore.


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