With the start of suffrage at Seneca Falls in the mid-19th century, feminism has continued to be a main topic in society. Feminism is the belief that men and should have equal rights (Merriam-Webster). Thanks to the women who worked hard and spoke out when it wasn’t the thing to do, women have the right to vote, have the right to hold different roles in society, have “equal” rights in the work place and are seen as equal to men, in general. Even with their efforts, society has not come full swing.

I know for a fact that women still get paid less than men when doing the same job. I wonder what makes people think women deserve to earn less money when we do the same job and can do it just as well or better? This is known as the gender pay gap. Also, the role of the women in society has evolved quite a bit, but women are generally treated in a way that implies that they should be the caregiver or taking care of the house AS WELL as working.  This is known as second shift. As women, we know we have the ability to do both, but as a feminist we believe that the idea of just women having that role should transform into the thinking that both men and women could do this.

Feminism is a hot topic for media figures. Celebrities like Lena Dunham, one of the leading characters on the hit HBO series Girls, declares herself a feminist; it’s a part of her identity. Is labeling yourself as a feminism just the cool thing to do these days; is it a bandwagon idea? Many people tie feminism with being anti-male. That could not be further from the truth. Being a feminist does not put down or belittle men. Feminism is about believing that men and women should be equal. In other words, people would believe that being a feminist is being sexist because you believe that women are better than men. This is why there’s a need for people to become educated on the topic because it is so important for our society to achieve full equality between men and women. Below is a graph showing the growth of women in the work force from 1890 to 2012.


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