Love has no limit. Love has no label. Love has no Gender.

Is it really wrong to love one who is the same sex?  Is it wrong for a man to love a man, or a woman to love a woman? From my point of view, love is love, it is not defined as only a man and a woman being in love. People love their animals, so who are people to say love can’t spread all around even with the same gender. This is called being a homosexual. Homosexual means relating to, or having a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex. Being a homosexual can relate to being bisexual. Its true to say that a person can love both men and women and that is called being bisexual. The definition of bisexual means being sexually responsive to both sexes. In different words this means to like both male and female in intimate ways. Many people take being bisexual in such a bad way and they judge people and can also be very mean to people that are bisexual. It is against some peoples religion to be bisexual. Many people that are bisexual try and hide the fact they are bisexual by being with somebody of the opposite sex and claiming that they are heterosexual, when they are really bisexual. Being a homosexual or a bisexual plays a major role in being a transgender. This means a person appearing or attempting to be a member of the opposite sex, as a transsexual or habitual cross-dresser . Being transgender can be a very hard thing, you come across so many people having something rude to say or even bullying a person who is transgender. Sometimes you can’t even tell that somebody is transgender because they transform themselves so well. At one of my jobs down at the CATA station downtown there are four different transgendered people that I have come across. Two of them are men wearing women’s clothes, make up and talking like women. Just because people may be bisexual, homosexual, or transgender doesn’t make them less of a person, it just makes them different and sexually attracted to someone the same or opposite.  All though in the Bible states that being homosexual or bisexual is wrong, people that are born homosexual psychologically can’t make that decision even if they wanted to. When it comes down to being homosexual, bisexual or transgender it is a very touchy subject when religion plays a role. For instance, a pastor may have a son who is secretly in love with another male, the Pastor/father would almost not accept his son as his own son. He will look at him as the Devil.


Love has no limit. Love has no label. Love has no Gender.

Love has no limit. Love has no label. Love has no Gender.



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