An amnesiac process through which I forsake my own tradition to subscribe to another condition


Segregating me and my ideology although it is not just intellectual, it is the physical separation of two groups of people based on workplace, residence, and my social calendar forever imposed by the dominant group


Stereotype everything about me based on what you see from everything and everyone else BUT me, the individual breathing in front of you


Immigration was our family’s blessing but now it might as well be the curse although we have traveled far to get away from what our homeland failed to promise


Maybe we will never be like them; it is not as easy when you look this way


Intricacies that made us unique will fade away as we add color to new tapestries; ones that we did not sew though our blood will trickle in ruby splashes on the silk


Last week they spit in my face instead of at the spackled concrete of blackened gum and cigarette butts because the language was not there


American is what I want to sound like


Tolerance will simply not be enough because you need acceptance; acceptance of who I am, where I came from, what I speak, how I think, and how I feel.


In dreams I am another star in your constellation, we are needed to compose an astrological shape; a mythology that coexists fingertip to fingertip, heart to heart, synapse to synapse with beautiful embellishments


Oh how I seek the vision in the sandman’s hymns of sapphire tears nourishing gardens, ruby floods settling into scars, emerald waltzes dancing in time


Never forgetting to lend a thought that we all came from somewhere and that somewhere must never be severed

— Alek

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