Racism is often a reoccurring theme when resources in society are distributed unevenly. It is found nearly everywhere, and they judge you based on two things. One, they judge you on things that you cannot change, and they judge you on things that you can change. The most common form of racism found in our current society, is racism targeting African Americans.

Racism is nearly everywhere in our society, and the reason that we see it so much now is because its extremely easy to separate races in America, because it can be done visually. You can separate races by just looking at someone. Thanks to the Civil Rights movement you would think that we made a positive leap toward a desegregated America. One of my favorite philosophers, Malcolm X, said this, “If you stick a knife in my back nine inches and pull it out six inches, there’s no progress. If you pull it all the way out that’s not progress. Progress is healing the wound that the blow made….” I believe that eventually there will be no racism because people continue to marry and have children outside of their race. This will create one major race, so will no longer be a way to separate people into classes. Earlier I expressed the fact that racism exists when resources in a society are distributed unevenly and I believe that the prime resource that happens to be distributed unevenly is wealth.

Whether we believe it or not, a glass ceiling still exists. This glass ceiling happens to exist everywhere, not just in the work place but in hospitals and schools as well. The elite make healthcare unaffordable for the poor, as well as provide them with foods that are loaded with hormones that will have a negative affect on lives after consumed. All in all, I believe that the elite are trying to make it nearly impossible for the lower class people to survive by controlling a considerable amount of wealth.

A lot of this hate has been built up over the years and no one has really taken care of it. It’s a constantly building time bomb that is ready to explode. I believe that in order for us to change our country and stop people from being so racist, we have to reform our social systems so that they benefit everyone. I don’t see this happening in my life or the next, but eventually we’ll be able to pull that knife out and dress the wound.

— Marvin

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