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Social Construction of Gender

Walking into the room, the decorations, table arrangements, and certain food choices are all pink. Bright pink, light pink, hot pink, and a pink that nearly looks white. Pink everywhere. Looking around at this baby shower, it is very clearly indicated that it is for a baby girl soon to be born. Everything that could be colored pink had a variation of the color in it. But why pink? Why are girls associated with the color pink and not blue? These are called gender norms. Gender norms is a subtopic of the social construction of gender. The social construction of gender is the way people socially and culturally see gender and what they believe should be normal for that gender. Gender and sex have different definitions. Gender deals with the way one and society sees themselves, meanwhile sex is the biological differences. Amongst the social construction of gender are many subtopics that fall into the category such as  the colors associated with gender mentioned above.

More subtopics include:

  • Personality traits
  • Occupations
  • Weight and physical build of the person
  • Clothing the person wears

With the gender norms comes those who step outside those norms. Occupations and clothing type seem to be more deviated norms. Most women are seen as secretaries, nurses, or teachers, but looking around you see more women becoming construction workers, doctors, and firefighters. Most men are seen as construction workers, doctors, and firefighters but are stepping out of that workforce and doing more female normed occupations like becoming nurses and teachers. Clothing tends to have a distinct difference between gender, though with gender, people do wear other genders clothing. Its very typical to see a girl wearing basketball shorts instead of a skirt, especially on a college campus. It’s more comfortable. Guys on the other hand would be looked at weirdly if seen in a skirt. In today’s society, gender norms dealing with clothing are being broken, especially by females, but these are considerably turning into new gender norms.

But why are gender norms such a big deal? Why are men and women bound and tied down to certain things, producing this judgment when broken? What does it matter if a man or woman wants to dress differently?

These questions are answered purely on views of the person being asked. Some see a certain way for every person based on their sex and not their gender. Others do not have a strong opinion on people’s actions and believe that people should be allowed to do as they so chose to- which is what I believe in. People should be entitled to all of their rights, not judged if they actually use them how they so chose and within the law.

This brings up another dispute. Whether people who want to marry the same sex should be legal. Some people believe heterosexual couples are the only people who should allowed to be married. Which I believe is wrong, WHY CAN’T PEOPLE SEPARATE CHURCH AND STATE LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO!?! This subject infuriates me. Yes, people have a right to their own thoughts.   So be it. But states should not be able to not legalize gay marriages just because “the Bible says it’s wrong.”  Whether the person be homosexual, bisexual, pansexual/omnisexual or transgender, I believe they should be treated as someone who is heterosexual. Who says heterosexual is the okay thing? Oh wait, the Bible does…

In case you already do not know the differences between said sexual orientations:

  • “Homosexual: a medical definition for a person who is attracted to someone with the same gender (or, literally, biological sex) they have, this is considered an offensive/stigmatizing term by many members of the queer community.”
  • “Bisexual: a person who experiences sexual, romantic, physical, and/or spiritual attraction to people of their own gender as well as another gender.”
  • “Pansexual/Omnisexual: a person who experiences sexual, romantic, physical, and/or spiritual attraction for members of all gender identities/expressions.”
  • “Transgender: a blanket term used to describe all people who are not cisgender [what gender someone affiliates themself with even if it is not their sex].”  (Killerman).


“Maybe we should make “straight marriage” illegal. It doesn’t seem to have a very high success rate.”  -Adam Levine

 All in all, life is a big realm of different things. The social construction of gender holds a lot of stuff in it’s pockets. From norms and deviances, to who is perceived to do what and how our lives are suppose to be lived, many smaller and larger subjects can spur from this one subject. It can be surprising how much can come from something based off of what we are born with. Why does something so natural  become so restricting? Why are colors restricted to certain genders? My favorite color has been blue ever since I could pick a color. I was strongly criticized in elementary school by other girls and boys for liking a “boy color,” but I can tell you that it did not change my view point on that color. It is just a color, it is not going to determine my future nor should it differentiate how people view me.

— Alaina


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Love has no limit. Love has no label. Love has no Gender.

Is it really wrong to love one who is the same sex?  Is it wrong for a man to love a man, or a woman to love a woman? From my point of view, love is love, it is not defined as only a man and a woman being in love. People love their animals, so who are people to say love can’t spread all around even with the same gender. This is called being a homosexual. Homosexual means relating to, or having a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex. Being a homosexual can relate to being bisexual. Its true to say that a person can love both men and women and that is called being bisexual. The definition of bisexual means being sexually responsive to both sexes. In different words this means to like both male and female in intimate ways. Many people take being bisexual in such a bad way and they judge people and can also be very mean to people that are bisexual. It is against some peoples religion to be bisexual. Many people that are bisexual try and hide the fact they are bisexual by being with somebody of the opposite sex and claiming that they are heterosexual, when they are really bisexual. Being a homosexual or a bisexual plays a major role in being a transgender. This means a person appearing or attempting to be a member of the opposite sex, as a transsexual or habitual cross-dresser . Being transgender can be a very hard thing, you come across so many people having something rude to say or even bullying a person who is transgender. Sometimes you can’t even tell that somebody is transgender because they transform themselves so well. At one of my jobs down at the CATA station downtown there are four different transgendered people that I have come across. Two of them are men wearing women’s clothes, make up and talking like women. Just because people may be bisexual, homosexual, or transgender doesn’t make them less of a person, it just makes them different and sexually attracted to someone the same or opposite.  All though in the Bible states that being homosexual or bisexual is wrong, people that are born homosexual psychologically can’t make that decision even if they wanted to. When it comes down to being homosexual, bisexual or transgender it is a very touchy subject when religion plays a role. For instance, a pastor may have a son who is secretly in love with another male, the Pastor/father would almost not accept his son as his own son. He will look at him as the Devil.


Love has no limit. Love has no label. Love has no Gender.

Love has no limit. Love has no label. Love has no Gender.